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 Math Class Details


1) Monthly Cost is $130 (50% off if you register for programming class too.)

2) One time yearly registration fee of $100

3) One time yearly Studio Fees of $60

Note: Payment will be taken only when you come in for your first class, kindly arrive 20 minutes earlier 


Course details

Our curriculum starts with basic fundamentals of Arithmetic - additions subtraction, division, multiplication and we move to algebra, fractions, quadratic equations, and coordinate geometry.
We teach children general methods to do calculations and also special methods derived based on the property of the numbers to do quick and mental calculations.

The next series of classes offered will be Intermediate and Advance, the prereq for which will be beginner level classes.

As we are about STEM our emphasis is on communication, collaboration, research, problem-solving critical thinking, and creativity.


Process to register

  1. Send us an email

  • OR

  1. Go to "Book Online ", select a class and click on "Book it". 

  2. Arrive 20 minutes before class, sign the agreement and pay your dues.



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