Our Vision

DcodeSTEM wants to enable every child with the required skills for the next generation. Every child is different so our instructors modify the course, which is hands-on project-driven, to meet the need of the child.

Note: We also teach Adults, 1:1 private coding lesson only, online and at location



Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are commonly referred to as STEM.  In today’s world, the importance of STEM education is the key to success for our children. 

Various distinguished academic institutions and corporate houses see a dire need for kids of tomorrow to be prepared with STEM. Here is our attempt to influence and enrich the lives of young kids in our community with our deep knowledge of programming.

We provide basics to advance level programming /coding educations to kids 8 to 18 years (3 grade-high school)We teach kids in modern and more comprehensive way stressing on fundamentals of computer programming which prepare them to handle any programming language. Our curriculum covers a systematic and consumable approach and in a unique way blends it with mathematics. We also bring in industry leaders in our community to talk about next-generation technology, AI, and machine learning. 

According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2015 there were 9 million STEM workers in the United States with STEM workers earning 29% greater than their non-STEM counterparts.  The largest group of STEM jobs is within the computer and math fields, which account for close to half (49%) of all STEM employment. 


Why us

We have highly qualified professionals with 45+ years of combined experience in computer programming, computer science, and engineering.  All of our DcodeSTEM instructors have a passion for teaching and want to make a difference for children by being their mentor in the STEM field. 


Our approach teaches children object-oriented programming using platforms such as Apple Swift, Android SDK, Eclipse, and Xamarin while building hands-on software project which they present to their parents/guests end of the 45-hour session. We pick a language such as C, C++, C# or Java to teach the fundamentals of programming via fun and innovative projects.  Our methodology is appropriate for children as young as 8 years old.  Depending on the level of the enrolled class we may also work on building mobile apps.



Our Founders and Instructors


Our Founders and instructors are technologists, scientists, and parents with a passion to teach. All our instructors hold a Masters degree in either Computer Engineering or Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and full-time employees working in reputed corporations. 


Chitra Bhatia: LinkedIn profile, click here  

15+ years experience in-memory technologies, hardware ecosystem, and operations management in the semiconductor industry. Chitra holds a BE degree in Electronics Engineering and an MS degree in Electrical  Engineering. Chitra firmly believes in every human life matters and making the second opinion available to the masses at a nominal cost is one of our goals. She is also a co-founder of Dotto LLC  and e2ndopinion.org

Jaideep Shivani: LinkedIn profile click here

18+ years of experience in the field of technology ranging from semiconductors to hardware/software ecosystem. Jaideep holds a  BE degree in  Electronics Engineering, MS degree in Computer Engineering, and an Executive MBA. Jaideep is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for leading projects with a good cause. He is also a co-founder of Dotto LLC  and e2ndopinion.org.

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Email Us: info@dcodestem.com   /  550 Plaza Drive, Suite 130, Folsom CA 95630

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