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Programmer/Student of DcodeSTEM. Proficient in Java and C++.

She has been teaching elementary school children the fundamentals of programming using Java.


A social entrepreneur with an interest in cognitive science/affective computing. 

Founder and CEO of Liberate,

Proficient in Java, HTML, and python. During COVID-19 she taught Java programming class for students.


Programmer and undergrad student currently pursuing B Tech First year in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian
Institute of Technology, Tirupati (IITTP), India.  Proficient in Java, C, and Python. During COVID-19 she assisted students with Java programming.


Passionate about promoting coding. She has been tirelessly working to promote DcodeSTEM in schools in Sacramento and El Dorado Hills County.


High School graduate with IB Diploma and expertizes in office productivity tools. She taught mathematics to elementary school students during the 2019 DcodeSTEM summer camp.


Computer Science Undergraduate at Arizona State University. Proficient in Java and C++. She taught mathematics and C++ programming to elementary school students during the 2018 DcodeSTEM summer camp.


Our Founders and Instructors


Our Founders and instructors are technologists, scientists, and parents with a passion to teach. All our instructors hold a Masters's degree in either Computer Engineering or Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and full-time employees working in reputed corporations. 


Chitra Bhatia: LinkedIn profile, click here  

15+ years experience in-memory technologies, hardware ecosystem, and operations management in the semiconductor industry. Chitra holds a BE degree in Electronics Engineering and an MS degree in Electrical  Engineering.  She is also a co-founder of Dotto LLC  and

Jaideep Shivani: LinkedIn profile click here

18+ years of experience in the field of technology ranging from semiconductors to hardware/software ecosystem. Jaideep holds a  BE degree in  Electronics Engineering, MS degree in Computer Engineering, and an Executive MBA. Jaideep is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for leading projects with a good cause. He is also a co-founder of Dotto LLC  and

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