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 Programming Class Details Instructor-Led


  • Monthly Cost is $180  group lessons (online/in-class, we limit to the group to 4 students)

  •  Monthly Cost is $270  private lessons (online/in-class)

Course details:  For 2020-2021

As we are about STEM our emphasis is on communication, collaboration, research, problem-solving critical thinking, and creativity, we make leaders and not just coders.

Intro to Java: 

  • Hands-on projects will cover the below topics


  •  Installing and using Eclipse IDE.

  • Functions, variables, data types.

  • Introduction to predefined classes in Java.

  • Introduction to class, constructor, and using objects of a class.

  • Loops and conditional statements.

  • Intro to a GUI based application.

Java in Depth 1

  • Pre-req “Intro to Java”

  • A hands-on project we will cover the following topics:-


  • Software Development lifecycle

  • Object-oriented concepts like inheritance, polymorphism

  • Exception handling, Interfaces

  • Arrays single and multi-dimensional

  • Final project a GUI based application covering the above topics


Java in Depth 2

  • Pre-req Intro to Java and Java in Depth 1

  • A hands-on project we will cover the following topics:-


  • Lists, Stack and queues

  • Multi-threading,

  • Network programming.

  • Database Programming

  • Final project a GUI based application covering one of the above topics

Intro to Artificial Intelligence/Machine and Deep learning: 

  • Pre-req experience with Java and Python


  • Intro to AI/ML/DL, Approach, Intro to types of ML Systems.

          Note: Recording will not cover installing git, mvn and IntelliJ IDEA 

  • Details on Types of Machine learning Systems and explanation, main challenges, MNIST dataset, performance measures

  • Precision and recall concepts, different kind of means and their usage

  • Precision and Recall continued using MNIST dataset and example shared using IDE, ROC Curve explained

  • Coding exercise for different types of means

Process to register

  • Send us an email if you have any questions.

Ready to Register, follow steps  below

  • Sign DcodeSTEM Agreement, link here

  • Go to "Book Online ", select a class and then click on "Book it".

Preparing for you Class 

  1. Make sure you have done your pre-work below, if you need help you can email the instructor at at least 72 hours before the class.

  2. Connect to your class via zoom, link here

  3. Pre-work

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