Programming Class Details


  • Monthly Cost is $180  group lessons (online/in-class, we limit to the group to 4 students)

  •  Monthly Cost is $270  private lessons (online/in-class)

Course details:  For 2020-2021

As we are about STEM our emphasis is on communication, collaboration, research, problem-solving critical thinking, and creativity, we make leaders and not just coders.

Intro to Java: 

  • Hands-on projects will cover the below topics


  •  Installing and using Eclipse IDE.

  • Functions, variables, data types.

  • Introduction to predefined classes in Java.

  • Introduction to class, constructor, and using objects of a class.

  • Loops and conditional statements.

  • Intro to a GUI based application.

Java in Depth 1

  • Pre-req “Intro to Java”

  • A hands-on project we will cover the following topics:-


  • Software Development lifecycle

  • Object-oriented concepts like inheritance, polymorphism

  • Exception handling, Interfaces

  • Arrays single and multi-dimensional

  • Final project a GUI based application covering the above topics

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Java in Depth 2

  • Pre-req Intro to Java and Java in Depth 1

  • A hands-on project we will cover the following topics:-


  • Lists, Stack and queues

  • Multi-threading,

  • Network programming.

  • Database Programming

  • Final project a GUI based application covering one of the above topics

Process to register

  • Send us an email if you have any questions.

Ready to Register, follow steps  below

  • Sign DcodeSTEM Agreement, link here

  • Go to "Book Online ", select a class and then click on "Book it".

Preparing for you Class 

  1. Make sure you have done your pre-work below, if you need help you can email the instructor at at least 72 hours before the class.

  2. Connect to your class via google hangout, link here

  3. Pre-work

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