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Free Online Class

DcodeSTEM taught 430+ students so far.

Upcoming Classes:  To be announced

 Steps to Register
A) Sign the Class Agreement =>
B) Please send an email to with subject "Will Attend Free Class".
C) Pre-reqs: Pre-work for Java Class and watch prior videos for "Java for first-time coders Session 1/Session 2"  OR  buy a package for self-paced class, select "Intro to Java- Self Paced Class" from the link HERE  
D) On Day of your class use Zoom to connect
E) "Like us" on one of the social media platforms listed end of the page.

Previous Class recordings
Intro to Unity and Game Development by Kushal Chebiyam  
Session 1 : Link=>
Session 2 : Link=>

Computer Literacy by Debeshee Das
A global pandemic has forced all of us to become highly dependent on technology. This course on Computer Literacy for Beginners is aimed at people who are just starting to use technology. The course covers a basic introduction to the Internet, and how to use some simple applications such as Google, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Java for first-time Coders Session 1 by Debeshee Das conducted on August 14th, 2020

Java for first time Coders Session 2 by Debeshee Das conducted on August 29th, 2020

Java for Beyond Beginners Class 1 and Class 2 by Debeshee Das conducted on Jan 8th/9th 2021
Class 1,
Class 2,

Java Basics, fast-paced Class by Jaideep Shivani
1) Get ready for calculator console app=>
2) Calculator console app =>
3) Dialog based App =>

Pre-work for Java Classes
1) Install JDK on your laptop or PC, click the link below and download one for windows and run it after download

2) Eclipse for Java Developer, click on the link below and download the installer and following instructions on the page to install eclipse => "IDE for Java developers"
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